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About Us


We are a multi-faceted company intent on bringing health to the world and helping people understand and achieve physical, mental and financial success. Through sharing concrete, proven and verifiable information and providing healthier foods and products and success tools, our goal is to reach as many people as possible to help them achieve such success.

To Your Success!

The Keen Concepts Team

You can
do it!

Life isn't always easy. For some of us, it seems difficult most of the time ...

  • Negative & intrusive thoughts.

  • Demanding people all around us.

  • Dire circumstances.

  • So much to get done, yet never enough time.

  • And the list goes on and on ..

"Just coping with life can seem unbearable sometimes."

We understand life circumstances and the many obstacles that seem to get in the way of progress. 

But, progress doesn't have to happen overnight. Progress can be planned, methodical and achieved incrementally.


We are here to help every step of the way by providing well thought out and experienced insight and success achieving tips and tools

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Following a definitive plan and sticking to it is key to success. Success comes to those who diligently plan and focus their attention on life and business priorities that matter and who stay disciplined enough to persevere through the ups and downs.

There's always a way through obstacles, even if it means coming up with a new plan. Notetaking, among other things, is a key element to fulfilling your plans and achieving success, in all areas of your life, including business. It's imperative to jot down important ideas and to do's so they are not forgotten and time isn't wasted.


Countless hours, days, weeks and even months and potential earnings can be lost all because key ideas, tasks, objectives and goals are forgotten because they were never written down. Don't let that happen to you. From the very beginning of your new journey, make sure you write down and keep track of every important detail of your success plan moving forward.


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Lots of notetaking is essential so you don't miss important meetings, appointments and deadlines or forget breakthrough ideas or potentially new processes and products, etc.

But, first, you must get in the right mindset. Getting organized is another key element that will help clear the clutter in your mind to help keep you focused on fulfilling your plan, including your goals and objectives.

Most of us probably don't enjoy the daunting task of cleaning and organizing. It's usually painstaking and, if we could afford it, we'd probably pay a professional company to come in and clean and organize every so often.


If you can afford it, great! Hire that company. If not, just know that keeping your living and work area clean and free of clutter is directly related to having a clean and uncluttered mind and well worth the time and effort.

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Once you're organized, getting in the right mindset is first and foremost when it comes to living successfully. The two actually go hand in hand since clearing the physical clutter greatly contributes to clearing the mental clutter. Having the right attitude and thought processes allows us to grow and succeed in every area of our lives, including our mental and physical health and accomplishing all of our goals and dreams.

Think Positive. All our everyday activity, struggles and enjoyment begins in our brains. We decide how our days are going to turn out by the way we think. I believe all of us can agree on that point. Even when terrible things happen to us, our thoughts dictate how we are going to react to every event in our lives. The more often you think positive about your surroundings, and life in general, you'll notice that more positive things will happen. This is because you are the one creating the environment for which you live in. A positive attitude positively transforms your lifestyle.


Next, a healthy lifestyle is essential for keeping the success building momentum going because it gives you more energy, keeps the stress levels down and simply gives you the extra bounce in your step to maintain a persistent success achieving consistency. Physical activity throughout the week, such as a daily exercise regiment, goes a long way for better health. 

Also, when you eat a balanced diet, you give your body the nutrients it needs for healthy functioning. A balanced diet is the same as a complete diet because it has the right proportion of minerals, vitamins, other essential nutrients, and optimal calories for your body’s makeup.

A balanced diet helps you maintain good health throughout your life and reduces the risks of developing chronic health conditions and diseases.

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Take Breaks. As most of us are aware, "All work and no play makes Johnny (or Sally) a dull boy (or girl)" As you are working toward a successful life to achieve your personal and business goals and dreams, it makes no sense to leave fun and relaxation out of the equation. Doing so can create a hot bed of disappointment, resentment and unfulfillment. So, take those much-needed breaks to relax and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy Yourself. If you let go of the stress and anxiety that inherently comes with the hectic, yet, fulfilling, journey toward success and allow yourself time to have fun and relax, your overall life can become very enjoyable and terribly exciting. So, schedule time each day or throughout the week to enjoy yourself.

Spend time with family. Take a stroll at a nearby park or through the city. Take in a good movie or go out on that date you've been putting off. You should take time to enjoy yourself every week, not just sometimes. That way you're resetting yourself (like a computer) and you always have something enjoyable to look forward to. This will renew your perspective on life and give you the energy and excitement you need to continue the right path.


Combined with a solid idea and plan, it's persistent and consistent daily action that brings about success for those willing to put in the effort. So, don't Fake It Till You Make it. You are already becoming successful. Once you make up your mind that you will live successfully no matter what, there is no faking it. You start living successfully right there and then (if you stick to the plan).


So, don't give up. Keep going. Keep following the process until you've lost the weight, achieved your fitness, health, business and financial goals (and other major goals) that allow you to achieve and live your dreams. Just look in the mirror, smile big and tell yourself you can do anything you put your mind to. Then, get started! You can succeed in every area of your life. It just takes a little effort each day.

Check out the helpful video below and start taking action today!

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